Dr. Ilyas Munshi Addresses Questions about Pediatric Epilepsy

With more than a decade of experience as a neurosurgeon, Dr. Ilyas Munshi frequently is called upon to assess young patients who are experiencing recurring seizures. Here, he answers a few common questions about the neurological condition most commonly associated with seizures, epilepsy.

What causes epilepsy?
While there is no known cause, some suggest the role of high fever, head injuries, and large doses of certain medications in prompting the disorder.

How is it diagnosed?
Assessing the condition is complicated by the fact that medical professionals rarely witness an active seizure. However, a comprehensive neuro-consultation and testing can pinpoint the root cause. Specialists may conduct an EEG, perform neuro-imaging, or evaluate auditory and speech processing.

How is it treated?
Today, neurologists employ both surgical techniques and medications to manage the condition. When performed on young children, a neurosurgical approach has been shown to cure this population. A trained neurologist will be able to recommend the most appropriate course of treatment.

An expert in non-surgical and minimally invasive approaches, Dr. Ilyas Munshi owns and operates a neurology practice in Lafayette, Louisiana.


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