Dr. Ilyas Munshi: An Overview of the Louisiana State Medical Society

Located in Baton Rouge, the Louisiana State Medical Society began in 1878 as the result of a meeting between 80 physicians in New Orleans. Developed to advocate the advancement of healthcare in Louisiana, the Society regularly strives to positively affect legislature and reforms. This year, the Society will meet in March to discuss legislative reforms, tackling issues such as the expansion of the definition of medical malpractice. The Society also offers legal activities and support through the Department of Legal Affairs, helping members through legal issues. Furthermore, the Society provides education and communication through newsletters, eAlerts, and the Society Journal.

Membership in the Society is open to physicians and medical students. Physicians gain access to practice tools, including insurance products, practice management products, and audit information, as well as career resources, member publications, and organization information. Medical students can contribute to policy-making decisions, network, and stay abreast of current affairs through memberships.

About the Author: Dr. Ilyas Munshi is a member of the Louisiana State Medical Society, as well as other professional organizations that supplement his career as a neurosurgeon.


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