Neuronavigation Systems Improve Surgical Accuracy and Patient Recovery

A board certified neurosurgeon in Lafayette, Louisiana, Ilyas Munshi, MD, runs a top-of-the-line neurosurgery facility. Dedicated to using the most advanced tools and methods in neurological surgery, Dr. Ilyas Munshi provides a wide variety of services, including complex spinal surgery, adult and pediatric brain tumor care, and neuronavigation.

Neuronavigation is computer-assisted image-guided surgery that uses brain imaging while surgery is being performed. Through neuronavigation, neurological surgeons are able to accurately determine the target area of the surgery. The method also allows surgeons to see where their instruments are within the brain, lessening the chance of causing damage to healthy areas. Neuronavigation allows for smaller incisions as well, which results in decreased operation time, recovery time, and risk.

A recent study looked at the advantages of using neuronavigation during surgery on spinal and intracranial tumors. Combined with an ultrasound system and CT scanner, intracranial navigation was used, while for the spinal surgeries, a navigation system was combined only with a CT scanner. The results of the study showed that stereotactic tumor biopsies were completed with more than 90 percent accuracy using a neuronavigation system. The study indicated that neuronavigation allows for highly precise spinal and intracranial surgery, while also solving the problem of “brain shift” during procedures.


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