Epidural Spinal Injections – An Effective Pain Management Tool

Epidural Spinal Injections pic
Epidural Spinal Injections
Image: WebMD.com

Receiving his doctor of medicine from Rush Medical College in Chicago, Illinois, Ilyas Munshi, MD, has more than 20 years of medical experience. Treating patients with chronic back pain, Dr. Ilyas Munshi is trained in and performs a procedure called epidural spinal injection.

Epidural spinal injection is a nonsurgical option to help alleviate short- or long-term radiating back pain. This procedure involves administering an anti-inflammatory medication via injection to the inflamed spinal nerve area or epidural space. Reducing nerve irritation, steroids inhibit the production of inflammation-causing proteins. The addition of anesthesia to the problem area helps block the nerve receptors, which dulls the pain. Although effective, epidural spinal injection will not cure the pain associated with spinal compression. It is considered a pain management tool used by clinicians to help ease the patient’s discomfort during the pre-surgical treatment phase.

Epidural spinal injection usually takes 15 to 30 minutes and is performed in a medical center or hospital setting. Patients are monitored for 30 to 60 minutes in the recovery room for adverse side effects or complications. After the procedure, patients may experience the temporary side effect of numbness in the upper and lower extremities, lasting up to eight hours, due to the use of anesthesia. Some have experienced an increase of pain within the first 24–48 hours following the injection, though it typically takes up to 72 hours for pain relief to begin.


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